Castle Property Group has significant expertise in identifying locations with development potential, evaluating, building and selling and/or leasing commercial buildings, specialising particularly in the industrial sector.

Castle Property Group is a full service development company that can deliver projects and has the ability to manage the entire process for a passive client from project concept through till completion, or be engaged to complete a specific stage of any project. Development Services can be broken into the following components:

Project Sourcing

Castle Property Group liaises with an extensive network of agents and property owners and continually looks for opportunities for new or value add developments.

Project Design

Castle Property Group will work with the client to refine the project concept into a detailed design that maximises the profitability of the project and meets their specific outcomes. Throughout this process Castle Property Group will engage and manage the necessary consulting team to drive the optimum project design that is financially feasible.

Government Approvals

Castle Property Group will manage the process of working with both local and state governments to obtain the necessary approvals  to construct the proposed project. Throughout this period Castle Property Group will manage each component of the approval process to specifically seek to minimise the impact that government conditions and restrictions have on the financial feasibility of the project. This includes obtaining  Development Approvals, Operational Works Approvals, and Building Approvals. Castle Property Group has experience in obtaining approvals at several of the councils throughout SE QLD.

Construction Management

Castle Property Group will undertake the process of selecting the best contractors and managing them to deliver the project on time, on budget and to the quality and outcomes required by the client and/or marketplace. Throughout this process Castle Property Group works with the contractor to seek efficiency and cost savings for the project.

Project Sales and Marketing

Castle Property Group can develop an exit strategy for each project, depending on the type of project, whether it be selling individual units, selling the project as a whole or leasing the finished space. Castle Property Group has existing relationships with multiple networks to help efficiently dispose of product or acquire tenants. As part of the sale process we can co-ordinate the entire marketing and branding of the project to add value within the market place and correctly target the right clientele.